Thank you , Bob Ross and Aunt Teresa!

“We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.” – Bob Ross

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I would like to dedicate my first official blog to two important people, one being an art legend, Rob Ross. Without watching his show with my aunt, I would not be who I am today. His hypnotizing voice, positive attitude, passion for painting, and hippie vibes, are all attributes toward my love of painting. I was five years old and head over heels. The second dedication goes to my beautiful aunt, Teresa.

In 1992, my aunt moved into my parents house so she could finish her degree and help take care of my twin sister, Courtney, and I while my parents worked. I always thought my aunt was so hip and cool. I wanted to mimic her in every way. My sister and I had a few of her dresses from the 1970’s we would play dress-up in. They were bohemian style, flowing, and extremely fun to twirl in. The majority had flowery or botanical prints. I was definitely having a flower-power moment. Courtney and I were five years old at the time and looking back at it, I am sure her and I looked pretty ridiculous wearing a dress for a twenty-something year old. How I wish I still had those dresses, I would be sporting them today with my inner child screaming with joy.

Aunt Teresa’s bedroom was next door to mine and I would often go in her room to hangout and see what she had planned for the day. I am not sure if I barged in all of the time or politely knocked, all I recall is the joy in seeing what she had in-store. One day when I walked it, there he was, talking with his soothing and enticing voice. It is not what you are thinking, my aunt did not bring a man into her bedroom. It was Bob Ross on the TV screen!

Teresa was staring intensely into the screen with a paintbrush in hand and an easel in front ready with a canvas to be painted on. I was taken back, I had to see what was about to take place. I sat on the bed in awe, watching her paint using the instructions given on the TV program. Watching her paint with much dedication became just as mesmerizing as the man I saw on the screen. I wanted to do what they could do, paint with all of my heart and soul.

After the introduction to the TV program, Bob Ross:the Joy in Painting, I would watch the show on a regular basis. I learned as much as I could by studying my aunt’s painting techniques and listening to a soon to be pop-culture guru. To me, Bob Ross was the Mister Rogers’ of art TV programs, love is all you feel. Ross left an impact in society with his can-do attitude, love for nature and animals expressed in his artwork, and his impressive skills with painting something so difficult and yet make it look so easy. All he wanted was for us to find the artist within ourselves. I believe I did just that.

I worked hard as an artist all the way up to my early twenties. I even got a small art scholarship, which meant the world to me. Art will always be a part of who I am. Even if I do not create as much as I use to, I still find admiration for it everyday. Who knows, maybe this blog will bring back the artist within me. Aunt Teresa and Bob Ross have given me a lot to be thankful for. To me, they are two crucial pieces to a puzzle we call life.

Bob Ross’s legacy lives on. People love to dress-up as him for Halloween. There are multiple TV-shows that will dedicate part of an episode to Bob Ross, like the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. People produce asmr videos and parody videos you can find on YouTube. Netflix recently added Bob Ross: the Joy in Painting, to the live stream list. There are endless possibilities to all things Bob Ross.





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