Art Installation & Street Art: critical times call for pivotal purposes

“The world is but a canvas to our imagination.” – Henry David Thoreau


“Poetic Cosmos of the Breath”/Tomas Saraceno

I have the up most respect for artists who create their masterpieces using the public “streets” as a place to create something so breathtaking and beautiful from the sidewalks, to the streets, even to a wall of a building, it yearns to be noticed. These artists work with what man built by adding designs and installations out of respect for what nature has already provided us with.

Our universe is a naturally majestic beauty. The sky displays an array of colors from the pinks, purples, oranges given from the sunrises and sunsets, to the dark nights twilight blue. We have crystal clear-blue oceans with glisten from the rays of the sun. We can observe the abundance of colors in sea creatures and ecosystems through the clearness of the seas. On Land we can witness green leaves transitioning into shades of golds, browns, and reds during Autumns arrival. The list of nature’s exquisite features are endless.

Artists who construct art installations have minds like no other. The talent and intelligence it takes to apply an engineered and strategic plan in order to produce a creative concept into a sculpture or structure piece is mind-blowing. These installations were built with using the eyes of a child and crafted with the hands of a wise one. They bring, even if for a moment, the imaginations we played with as kids to life. Their pieces express the kid in us, so that it may never be lost.

I do not know how many of you have seen the 1991 movie, Hook, featuring the late Robin Williams. If you have not, I recommend you do. Williams nailed the role, an actor who is truly missed. This version of Peter Pan, the Lost Boys must use their imagination to set the stage of Neverland. These installation artists are our Lost Boys, they bring their imagination to life through their work. When we pause to take a look at the structure created before us, our imaginations run wild as we take a journey with the artist, as we too, become Lost Boys. The artists guides us in a way that discovery is never over, limitless in our boundaries.

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Street artists bring the lifeless life, the dullness vibrancy,  and the deserted assertion to full imagination. We have become too glued to our electronic devises, we forget to ‘smell the roses.’

I am part of the guilty crowd. I am twenty-nine years old and my soul mate and best partner in crime, is my iPhone. It brings me a type of joy a lot of people can not bring me because we are so disconnected with each other and what surrounds us. It is the sad and ugly truth to life as we know it. There is always hope. Art utilizes storytelling with endless innovation. The pathways we take and the walls we stroll by all have a story to tell, or a tale to be told. Street artists have the ability to bring us out of the day-to-day daze into a special place, and that my friend, might help us save what we once were, thinkers of our own rights. My admiration for these artists go way beyond my achieved vocabulary.

I ask from you for one thing, stop and smell the roses. Do not forget what we can create for each and how beautiful our world is and the extraordinary people in it. The next time you travel, take the time to see the beauty around you. The next time you hit the streets or walk pass buildings, find ways to appreciate it. Taking a moment to see the world through a different perspective. It can be worth every second of that moment has to offer.

If you’re interested in a website for art inspiration and admiration I would highly recommend, yellowtrace. They write a great article of the artist behind the art installation I have as the first image on my blog, “Poetic Cosmos of the Breath”/ Tomas Saraceno.



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