The Man Behind The Beard

“Since I don’t smoke, I decided to grow a mustache – it is better for the health.
However, I always carried a jewel-studded cigarette case in which, instead of tobacco, were carefully placed several mustaches, Adolphe Menjou style. I offered them politely to my friends: “Mustache? Mustache? Mustache?”
Nobody dared to touch them. This was my test regarding the sacred aspect of mustaches.” -Salvador Dali

dali-portraitYou know that wildly successful Dos Equis’ beer ad campaign, “stay thirsty my friends,” said the most interesting man in the world? When I think of Salvador Dali, that is what pops up in my head. Dali, to me, is one of the most interesting individuals we have had the pleasure of thus far. He is a pioneer of expression and his work is a lesson for us all.

In today’s era, being “strange” is becoming more and more acceptable. The new norm of society, which I think is marvelous! If our great inventors and historical figures were not so, our world would feel a little less full. I think of art as being the original outlet for executing “weirdness” and it being accepted and adorned. Creativity gives our souls a chance to speak up and it is a beautiful thing.

Dali was a Spanish surrealist. I have great admiration for the Spanish culture and I thank them for gifting the world with a man of so many visions. Like Dali’s fellow mates, Mexican artists Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo de Rivera, and American artist Andy Warhol, he was also part of the 20th century club of renowned artists. What a fascinating century, all in all historically. When you look at surface of these four individuals and their artwork, you automatically find similarities between Mr. Dali and Mr. and Mrs. Rivera. You look at their paintings and say, yeah, I totally see connections here.

Dali and Warhol’s unique strides are quite parallel. Him and Warhol did in fact live in New York at the same time. Their moment was brief together. Two strong personalities can sometimes be too much for one room. I expressed my love for Mr. Warhol’s work and his relationship with advertising in a previous blog. Oddly enough, Dali also used the media for his work, only in different ways. Like Warhol, Dali did it all. He was a painter, sculptor, writer and a man of fashion. He played with advertising and made a name for himself in filmmaking. Dali most likely knew he made it big when he collaborated with Alfred Hitchcock.

My story is simple with Salvador Dali. He is such an intricate person, the words I have for him do match up to the beauty he creates. I am left speechless when his art and I sit through a staring contest and I believe my spirit is okay with just that. It is an unsaid agreement or mutual understanding. This being said, I urge you to check out the following websites listed below, if you have any curiosities with the most interesting man the word. They paint a picture of Dali with words that I have yet to perfect.

  1. Biography
  2. The Art Story

Video: Walt Disney’s and Salvador Dali- Destino 2003

If you want to learn about the story behind this short film, click here.



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