In Conclusion

“It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.” – John Q


Old Main

As the 2016 fall semester comes to an end, a new shift for my site will emerge. My blog posts were a requirement for my digital and online media course, but this experience became so much more than I could ever have imagined. I found myself becoming attached to my blog site not because of the grades it would give me, but because it has made me a happier person. This assignment brought back my passion for writing and a new thirst for knowledge. Even though I am not required to continue blogging, it will transition into one of my favorite new hobbies.

The most effective tool I found on WordPress was the ease to connect with other social platforms. It helps build a “web” for future connections. The least effective tool was its layout/format system. Being new to blogging and WordPress, there were some technical issues that disrupted the layout style of my blogs. I could not find solutions to some questions when using the help bar.

Since this is such a new platform for me to dig my hands into, there is nothing I would recommend adding to the blog requirements. The instructions for my assignment provided me with great freedom to think creatively.

Working toward an advertising degree, this project will help with my future ambitions. I love the use of words and the role it plays in society, and I want to contribute to that the best way I can. I received a new set of tools to help set out a more confident future. Besides advertising, I am also going to school for art history. The theme for my posts will help me carry my love and appreciation for art into a potential career path.

Site Stats Overview:

  • The given data shows September 19-25 to be the most popular week for my blog site. I received twenty-five views and fourteen visitors during those seven days.
  • My most popular post was my very first one, “Thank You Bob Ross & Aunt Teresa.” It received thirty-one views. I believe it had the most views because it was the most personal. I brought personalization into all of my posts, but this one expressed an important childhood memory that gave significance toward my latter posts for my readers..
  • I was shocked to find out my site had a total of eighty-eight views. I did not expect to get that many. I do not use Twitter for personal use and I posted six out of the ten blogs on Facebook, so having eighty-eight views was exciting for me. It helped boost my confidence.

The importance of words and how we use them is obvious. The link below is a wonderful article. It brings forth raw emotions with the importance of keeping endangered languages and culture alive and present.

Click here for article, “Keeping Endangered Languages and Culture Alive”




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